7 03 2009

I am still in beautiful SINGAPORE. but I noticed of course that recently the number of 100.000 visitors was reached, unbelieveable! and I checked for some weeks now, where you all come from – you see the flaggs of your countries below. I collected 90 countries worldwide so far, and I have to admit – I don’t know where some of them are. please be so kind, if you have time, and leave me a short note, where you come from. thank you all for joining me on my blogsite!




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7 03 2009

Interesting talk and background into animation, colour and composition. Thanks for the caricature. Too bad I didn’t bring my copy of Dream Worlds.

from hans –
bring it next time, I will be back…

7 03 2009

Hello from sunny Athens, Greece! I visit your blog regularly since descovered it a week ago. I just love looking at animation art, especially background paintings.
I am an illustrator and I am currently preparing my children’s book illustration portfolio. I am heavily influenced by the backround painting style of the 30’s and the 40’s. I would like my illustration style to go that way….
Keep up the good work and keep feeding us with all this beautiful but usually overlooked art. – Stathis

from hans –
thank you stathis, – greece, another country I have never been to. not even during the HERCULES days with the research team. too bad…

7 03 2009

Dear Hans, I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. (Probably not one of these places you don’t know) I am currently studying animation in Hilversum.

from hans –
I remember – the good old european days…

8 03 2009

New Delhi, India!

from hans –
hello to india. a place I have never been to

8 03 2009
Thorsten Hasenkamm

I’m from good ol’ Germany and a regular visitor on your blog! One of the most interesting blogs out there from one of the greatest artists out there!!!

from hans –
…as if I didn’t know you. but thank you for the nice comment. I am just one hardworker, not more…

8 03 2009

Hello Hans,
Im’ from Sao Paulo – Brazil. I have been visiting your blog since blogger, and everyday after work I spend a few time (quality time) looking the amazing work you bring us. Thank you so much, and please keep the good work, we appreciate.

from hans –
thank you, amazing – you were there even in the old disaster blogspot days!

9 03 2009
Abhilash K

Hello Mr Hans
I am from India. I’d been following many great blogs and find more more links and most of had the link which said BLOGGER NOT FOUND!!! After googling on I could find this treasure of a legend. Great and inspiring, I wish this blog stays on and on inspiring students and people all around the world for generations. Do visit this holy land and I do have fantasic dream of visiting the ANGKOR WATT!!

from hans –
hello to india. I never had a chance to see your country. but I was in
angkor wat. you can see some of the photos on my photo blog – TWELVEFIELD.

9 03 2009

Hello Hans,
I am from Vienna, Austria, and found out about your blog after reading a review of your book “Dream Worlds” a few months ago. I’ve always enjoyed the background art of animated movies from my childhood until today, and although my own career has drifted more towards games and advertisements, I’m still in love with traditionally handdrawn and painted backgrounds.

While I learn a lot from all your posts, I would like to thank you especially for sharing so much information and so many stories about Bambi, a movie I admire like almost no other. Seeing all those perfectly composed and gorgeous background paintings and drawings has given me new motivation to pick up my pencils more often recently, and dedicate much more love and energy to drawing than I ever did before.

Thank you very much for taking the time to write this blog, it is highly appreciated!

from hans –
thank you for the kind comments, BAMBI is one of my favorite
disney films as well. hopefully one day all the BG research will
be collected in a new book

9 03 2009

Wow, 90 countries is alot. 🙂
I’m from Finland (the white flag with the blue cross on it is Finland’s) and it’s located in Europe close to North Pole. Though at the moment I’m studying animation arts in England so I could say that I live in two countries now.
Your blog inspires me alot and I’m always looking forward to your next posts!


from hans –
I left a comment on the upper finnish comment.
good luck for your studies and enjoy england…

9 03 2009

Hello Hans!

I´m from Tuusula, Finland.

Thank you for your blog. Animation backrounds are an artform of its own. I´m happy your so interested about animation and share this information. Special thanks about Alfred j Kwak, I read you were part of it somehow. We love that animation here in Finland

from hans –
the good old days with the duck, ach ja…
for BALTO I was on a reference trip in your country, way up north,
near rovanjemini. I remember it was extremely cold! but I loved the
landscape and our dog sled adventures. could not do too many photos –
my camera stopped working in the cold, especially the zoomlens.
but it was a great experience and I think a bit shows in the BALTO

9 03 2009

Hi Hans! I’m one of the students from NTU! it’s been an honour to listen to your lectures, meet you and gain advice from you. We hope that you’ll be back again to visit next year to view our Final Year Projects 😀

from hans –
hi joan, I enjoyed the time a lot too. yes, and I hope to be back soon

9 03 2009

Hi Hans,

How are you? I’m searching some reference images then I’m here. Your blog is amazing.

from hans –
hi vance, you mean you forgot my blogaddress – hehe…
you all is well in the studio. please say hi to stella and all the others

9 03 2009

Hello Hans!
I am a Illustrator and children book creator from Flekkefjord, Norway. Have followed this and earlier blogs you have made about background art. Both the blogs and the Dream Worlds book has been a great inspiration, and I have learned a lot from it all.

So here is some inspiration to you from Norway:

Theodor Severin Kittelsen, painter and storyteller who “designed” the Norwegian Troll, everyone who has made illustrations of trolls after this has build upon his work. He lived around 1900, and most of his work is in water color. Here is one link to his work:

The Norwegian version of Walt Disney was Ivo Caprino. He made a big collection of short films, developed a multi camera theater, and did build at least one team park in Norway. And in 1975 he made his masterwork/classic feature stop motion film “Flåklypa Grand Prix”. This film has so far sold 5.5 mill tickets since its release to a population which currently numbers just 4.7 million. Read more about it here: and the studio (the Norwegian answer to Disney) here:
Also, they did build the car that they have in the film, and it has been out driving on the freeway in Germany.

Thank you for all the inspiration!

from hans –
hello to norway and thank you for your kind comments.
I never heard of IVO CAPRINO, great link. thank you for that…

9 03 2009

Hi, Czech Republic… sixth flag form left on the top line… I really enjoy your stuff, so Thank U very much 😉

from hans –
hello, I was in prague in 1984. february, freezing cold…

9 03 2009

Paris-France here!
And it’s interesting, there is some flag that I see for the first time in my life on your “patchwork flag” ^^

from hans –
salut damien, then you know a lot more than me. I miss paris a lot…

10 03 2009
Ignacio Ochoa

Hi Hans. I`m animator from Argentina. We are on South America. Here we do not have animation schools. And your blog is amazing to learn about this art.

from hans –
hi ignacio. you might not have animation schools, but you have some of the most incredible talent in your country. one of my all time idols is CARLOS NINE.
and I admire LUCAS NINE’S work a lot as well. he is one of carlos’ sons. OSCAR GRILLO lives now in london for many years, but he is from argentina. and he is an amazing artist and animator.

10 03 2009
Cat B.


I can’t claim to be an artist or an illustrator like so many who seem to come here. I was introduced to this blog by and have been coming here regularly ever since. I love animation art and particularly background art. Your blog has some of the most beautiful examples I have ever seen. Plus you introduced me to Jiri Trnka, which I am incredibly grateful for. Thank you. Keep up the excellent work. By the way, I’m in Des Moines, Iowa.


from hans –
thank you, cat, for your kind comment. I was in your city 29 years ago…

10 03 2009
Ken King

Hi Hans,

I’m an animator from Toronto. Love your book…love the site. Keep up the amazing blog.

from hans –
thank you, ken. at disney I worked with some great talent
from toronto

10 03 2009

Hi Hans!

Hope you are back in cosy Manila and chilling out in the sun. Thanks for the wonderful talk, critique (which Sara and I appreciate very very much) and for the beer time. Will keep in touch regarding our short film, and thanks for all the help.

Have a great time where-ever you are!


from hans –
yes I am, pooltime again…
you did not need that much help, since your short is already
close to perfect. keep in touch

11 03 2009

Dear Hans,
I’m 18! & I’m from Iran…
Well, you know Rasoul Azadani!
I absolutely love your works,& your book is also amazing!
You’re a great inspiration for me & I’m so glad that you have a blog!
I know there are lots of things that I should learn(actually I love to learn!) & I’m doing my best 🙂

Thank you so much

11 03 2009
Ignacio Ochoa

Yes, Oscar Grillo and Carlos Nine are two great masters. Sadly , I did not know them personally. I visit daily the Oscar`s blogs , and we exchange comments. And i know Santiago , the other son of Carlos Nine, when i gave a lectures about animation concepts in an animation studio where i was working. They live to a few streets of my home.
If you want to see, here is two links of both “Masters” drawing .
Carlos Nine.

Oscar Grillo


11 03 2009

A bit late for a response on this post, but let’s pretend I’m still jetlagged. I’m French working and living in beautiful New Zealand!
Once again, Hans, thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful work and amazing knowledge!!!!

11 03 2009
Peter Moehrle

Hi Hans,

I was in Singapore last year for DigiPen and the opening of their new campus in Singapore. As you might remember my wife Cindy is originaly from Malaysia just next door. We are hoping to spend a few years there, teaching. The art department here in Seattle, have all picked up your book
“Dream Words” and use it as a teaching tool.
I just stared my own Blog called :

from hans –
that would be great. maybe we can meet then. I love the whole area.
hopefully they like the next books in seattle as well, if I could just
finish them faster… best to cindy

11 03 2009
Peter Moehrle

Hi Hans,

How long is it till you get your next book to the publisher? We could meet in Malaysia, Cindy and I go most every year.
I was thinking of putting out a small book on my watercolors but it looks like a lot of work!


from hans –
I don’t even have a publisher yet. let me know when you go, then we will see. maybe it works…

11 03 2009
Jeremy Fries

Hi Hans,

I love your blog! I find it and your book, Dream Worlds, to be both instructive and inspiring. Thanks and regards from an American in London (and sometimes Cambridge).


12 03 2009

Hi Hans,

I was born and raised in Singapore, currently trying to make a living in the bay area. Love your book!


12 03 2009
alessandra sorrentino

Hey there Hans,
a little late but I wanted to wave my flag from Italy 🙂
I am from Turin, a lovely town in the north at the footsteps of the Alps.
Thanks for sharing your fantastic and always inspiring work.


from hans –
you are right, a beautiful city. was there just 3 years ago for a few days.
g o o d food, makes me homesick…

16 03 2009

I love your blog for introducing me to the process, the history, and other artists I am not familiar with. I originate from the States but currently live in Sweden.

26 03 2009

Hello. This blog and your work is big inspiration for me!
I really enjoy learning from your beautiful examples of work.
I am from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) where I work 3d modeling an animation in production company “FABRIKA”.
Best wishes from Sarajevo!

from hans –
thank you and all my best wishes to you too…

17 04 2009

Hi Hans, this is Hans!

Big fan here! I’m a Dane living in L.A.
Thanks for the inspiration over the years, hope I get to meet you someday.


from hans to hans –
who knows. I am supposed to go to L.A. in nov

28 04 2009
Petra Varga

Hi Hans,
I love your book and your blog too, I can’t describe how amazing, inspiring and useful they both are! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us.
I’m from Debrecen, Hungary, by the way, but now I live in the capital, Budapest until I finish my animation studies. Then I hope I’ll be able to travel around and see those wonderful places you painted, with my own eyes.
Keep up the great work!

7 04 2010

Hi Hans, I am designer animator from Sarajevo (Bosnia and herzegovina)
thank you for this nice blog

12 11 2010
Valentino Radman


I am painter and illustrator from Zadar, Croatia. Several days ago I came across this interesting and illuminating blog.
Thank you for taking trouble to bring all those lesser known artists (to western audience, I mean) to light.
Keep up the great work, indeed!

28 03 2014
Santiago Dutil

Hi Hans,
From Argentina (flag chart located > 2H)
Thanks for your blog. I work as a motion graphic designer and I do cartoon sometimes, now also working in the University here preparing animations classes and your images are just great to explain compositions facts!
I’m gonna give your link to the students so you will have some 2H more entries.


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