11 03 2009

after a while two more recreated backgrounds from disney’s BAMBI. they are from the ending, the climax of the film – bambi’s race through the forest. these paintings are very different from all the moody, beautiful scenes before. there is nearly any color, harsh contrasts and blue-grey chaotic composed elements give us a very bad feeling what might happen. that is enhanced even more by the animation, bambi’s zig-zag run through the rocks and trees.




© disney enterprises, inc




3 responses

11 03 2009
Michael Sporn

Had you not told me, I would not have guessed these were from Bambi. They’re quite stunning on their own, yet obviously play as background to the chaos in Bambi’s scene. That film is an unlimited source of inspiration.

12 03 2009
Ryan Davies

Incredible! Those backgrounds are quite long – was the glass they painted on that size or is that just an illusion from the multiplane camera?

from hans –
I think they were painted on cardboard. the pans are pretty fast and it was not
necessary to create depth by splitting them into levels.

12 03 2009
Jason Norton

I really love you blog!!! Thanks for putting in all the time to gathering and creating such amazing images. I picked up Dream Worlds a few months ago… let just say that it has been, well words can’t describe the benefit, help and impact it has made not only on my art but also on the way that i see the world around me. Thanks you for that and for your inspiring art.

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