15 03 2009

WILD LIFE was a disaster that happened at disney feature animation starting early 1999 and finally ended with a big BANG in 2001, when ROY DISNEY stopped the production. you can read a bit more about it in my book DREAM WORLDS, and in CHARLES SOLOMON’S book DISNEY LOST AND FOUND. maybe one day I will write some more about it in my memoirs…
here are some of my sketches –



© disney enterprises, inc




2 responses

16 03 2009
Mitch Gould

A question about your terrific book, Dream Worlds. One of the little touches that helps make it great is the typography. What are you using? Futura?

from hans –
the small font is a GILL SANS, the titles are KEM WEBBER

16 03 2009

I love these sketches just like I love the Wild Life stuff from your book. It is too bad that this project was never completed.

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