16 03 2009

this is a real treasure for me. 1959 – 50 years ago!! – the german weekly magazine STERN started a new comic strip series in the attached STERNCHEN magazine for kids. this very unusual addition to a magazine contained 8 pages, usually a continued story for 8 to 14 year olds, some kid news, a 4 image comic strip series and on the last page the continuing comic series JIMMY DAS GUMMIPFERD ( jimmy the rubber-horse ). maybe I will post a bit of that in the future as well. anyway – I was 10 years old and could not wait for the next issue of the magazine to get the following episodes of that new series – TARO. it was drawn very realistic by a german illustrator FRANZ-WERNER RICHTER-JOHNSEN, 1912 – 1993. you can find richter-johnsen’s bio here, thank you, christoph heuer, for the link. for me it was the ultimate boy-adventure, kind of an INDIANA JONES of that time. have a look…





© STERN, richter-johnson




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17 03 2009
Christoph Heuer

Hello Hans,

here you can find a brief biography:

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