lady and the tramp

17 03 2009

these recreated backgrounds from disney’s 1955 LADY AND THE TRAMP were not really necessary to do because the originals still exist in the ARL, disney’s ANIMATION RESEARCH LIBRARY. but I did them anyway because the originals are never published in their entire length and – because I just wanted to see them. the background art ( as well as the animation ) in this film is stunning…








© disney enterprises, inc




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17 03 2009

Hello Hans,

This may sound silly, andI might have missed a previous entry on this. I’m sorry for not reading up. But i’ll ask anyway. When you say “recreate” a background such as these, what do you mean? Do you paint them traditionally from scratch or work them on photoshop or…?

Love the backgrounds.


from hans –
just look through my whole blog and you will find a post that explains it,
probably at the very beginning, sometime in sept.2008

17 03 2009
Bill Robinson

I LOVE the backgrounds from Lady and the Tramp. Thanks for posting these Hans!

18 03 2009

Those are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

19 03 2009
Kellie Strøm

That pastry shop with the reflection of the far side of the street in the glass – ohh!

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