18 03 2009

my publisher FOCAL PRESS informed me that my book DREAM WORLDS will be translated into chinese and will be published in china before christmas this year.





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18 03 2009
Ignacio Ochoa

Wow!! Congratulations.
I buyed your book through Amazon the past week. And the book is really great. I am reading the Mulan issue now, and the art is so beautiful. All the pictures of the books was made by you?
You know, the production designer , is an specific task that here (in Argentina) does not exist. I was worked on different studios on comercials and films , but in none there were production designer. Through your book , i can understand and enjoy about this job.

Hans , which is the limit between Art director and Production designer?

Thanks to sharing.

from hans –
the two jobs are overlapping. often you only have an art director. in general the prod.
designer does what it says – designs the film, and the art director takes care of the
execution, oversees the whole workload. I explain it in the first 2 chapters of my book.

19 03 2009
Mark McDonnell

Congrats Hans . . . it really is a fantastic book! A visual feast.



19 03 2009

your conquering the world sir! congrats!

mabuhay ka!


19 03 2009
Ignacio Ochoa

Thanks by your answer Hans. Now I understand better.
Yesterday I finished to read the book, and is really marvelous, and very useful to me.

3 04 2009
Nancy Beiman

Congratulations, Hans ! I will inform Sheridan College’s Chinese partners that this wonderful book will soon be available in their language. I’m happy I helped out!

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