19 03 2009

this is from around the end of 1989, beginning of 1990, preproduction work on disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. the first image is an early comparative size sheet of all the characters DAAN JIPPES, ANDREAS DEJA and me developed. as you can see, a lot changed later in the film. beauty had in the old version a little sister, and there was the aunt left from the london story-version. the photo shows daan and me in our flower street 1400 building room.



© disney enterprises, inc




3 responses

20 03 2009

this is really great – I only wish I had an office like that…working on a project like that…at a company like that…

thanks for sharing – love to see process!

20 03 2009
Sergi Cardó

Hi Hans, I meet Daan in a comic training from Egmont while I was doing Disney comics for them. You both are my idols! I want to thank you also for discovering me the great Alex Niño!


20 03 2009

It’s so wierd to think that this great fil started in a little room like that . Inspiring!


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