jiri trnka

21 03 2009

besides all his puppet animation- and traditional animated films JIRI TRNKA illustrated numerous children books. I have at least 25 of his publications and they are all masterpieces. following just a few examples…








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27 03 2009

Wow… I really love to see his books. The characters are so Trnka (!) His books must be very rare now, I guess…
The first time I saw one of his puppet animation on TV when I was 12 or 13, I was totally stunned.

3 04 2009
Nancy Beiman

I love Trnka’s animation and would love to have one of his books. Lucky you to have so many.

14 04 2009

Beautiful! Great Trnka!

29 10 2009
Martin Fisher

Hello, I am writing from Trnka´s home Prague. I must say that he had the fabulous follower in Miroslav Štěpánek who is considered even more influential than Trnka but had the bad luck with the collaboraters so he was excommunicated the craft circles while the worst communist´s misery in the country. There some examples of his those days famous and awaarded works on youtube or on my website. Hopefully there´s gonna be more in the future.
Stepanek´s later art is still very inspirative for the contemporary film but the craft follows the pre 1989 connections and grows more than midiocre.

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