23 03 2009

CANNON FODDER is part of the 1995 produced short compilation MEMORIES by KATSUHIRO OTOMO. the other 2 shorts are MAGNETIC ROSE and STINK BOMB. ‘cannon fodder’ is my favorite, the style of the characters as well as the environment is very unususal. the surrealistic story reminds me of ORWELL’S 1984. it’s a depressing futuristic military world where the only purpose in life is to feed cannons against the invisible enemy. I highly recommend MEMORIES, as well as some others of otomo’s work, like NEO-TOKYO ( 1987 ) and AKIRA ( 1988 ). the long recreated pan below does not exist as such, the original pieces are moving as different levels, overlapping each other, like a multiplane-camera pan.


© anime studio inc




4 responses

23 03 2009
George Cwirko Godycki

great job putting that together, i love all your recent posts also!

24 03 2009
Sunny Kharbanda

Thanks for recreating the pan… looks magnificent even though you had to flatten it. “Cannon Fodder” is my favorite piece from the trilogy, too.

24 03 2009
Zoran Arizanovic

thanks for this
my favorite episode of memories!
camera movements in this are just amazing

26 03 2009
Joseph Galluccio

I fell in love with this short after a suggestion from you on your old blog. It’s absolutely fantastic.
I am so glad every time you post something. There is always something inspirational or educational.

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