historic 89/90

24 03 2009

these photos are from end 1989 to mid 1990 during the early production of disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. the photos are color slides what explains the pre-digital extremely bad quality…


storyboard images from the very first ‘london’-version drawn by DICK PURDUM, I colored them

my ‘father’ version in london

inbetween working in duesseldorf on the castle design

for a short time the B&B preproduction team worked on the main lot in the historical ink&paint annex next to the animation building. unbelieveable – surrounded by all that history wherever you looked…


…old historic hallways, used since PINOCCHIO…

the directors gary trousdale and kirk wise in their temporary office

brenda chapman in story

some of my designs


storyboard drawings by chris sanders, I added the color

beautiful glen keane story sketch, with my color


I colored tons of story sketches for the HUMAN AGAIN sequence, it didn’t make it into the final film. only later in the re-release of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST a few years ago it was animated and added.

© disney enterprises, inc




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24 03 2009

This post is awesome! I just love the Beauty and the Beast stuff in your book, great to see more. (I hope there is more to come?)

By the way that first drawing, of the stained glass window with the rose, is my favourite picture in Dream Worlds.

24 03 2009

Oh my, the Glen Keane is gorgeous!

25 03 2009

Nice stuff, although I do prefer the more the more refined and rich final version of the film. Brian McEntee did such a terrific job!

from hans –
I don’t

25 03 2009

Wow!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

25 03 2009


I love your work, it’s masterful! I’m putting on a Gallery group show in San Diego, CA this July 2009.

I’m curious if you would like to participate. Please let me know and I’ll send you more details.


from hans –
sure. but I live on the other side of the globe, in manila

25 03 2009

That’s fine. Your work on the film is pretty good, too.

from hans –
the only little bit of my work that made it into the film is the rose in the glass.

25 03 2009


These are all exquisite. I don’t know what i would give just to browse trought all of those.

amazing work…

25 03 2009
jung etienne

I never saw these sketches.The style looks more french than in the final result.

from hans –
wow – thank you etienne. the first time someone notices that. the original story took place in france, that’s why a research team went to the loire area to explore the castles and more. that’s why daan jippes and myself wanted the characters to have a bit of a typical french look. we choose alain delon and some other french actors and used them for the character designs. the same for the environmental design. my castle-versions were closer to the original castles in the loire region. that’s why I was so upset when I was confronted with the choice of that sick copy of a disneyland castle. but there are a lot of other things that don’t necessarily make B+B one of my favorites…

25 03 2009
Sergi Cardó

Waw, man.. such a great team. I loved Daan Jippes designs for Gaston character also, wich I’ve seen somewhere. Your color gives more “focus” and intention to the beautiful Chris Sanders and Glenn Keane’s storys.


25 03 2009

hello !!!!!!!
i am the guy who created “the art of glen keane” blog…
i would like to see more glen keane skecthes !!!
have you more of them ????
by the way, this blog is awsome!!!!!!
this blog is far better than the tipical “the art of” book!!!

from hans –
good for you. unfortunately my blog is not a fan site. I guess that some of my posted pictures might be interesting for fans, but that is not the reason for me to publish them.

26 03 2009

god these are amazing – the work and the studio shots both!

26 03 2009
jung etienne

Thanks for your answer.The classic period of french architecture (chateau de Versailles ) could have been used too . I never saw the style of Louis XIV developped in an animated picture…However,there ‘s a little of the Loire castles left in the movie (mixed with Neuschwanstein ?)

from hans –
I thought of that as well. but – for a huge beast I needed a tall castle, with extremely high ceilings, everything out of the normal proportion, huge paintings, even furniture bigger than normal. well, look, what is left of that in the film…

26 03 2009
jung etienne

Yes,I understand.The final scenes do express that atmosphere quite well.

27 03 2009
Ross Anderson

Wonderful photos. Thank goodness somebody carried a camera and documented the time and place. Thank you for sharing.

10 09 2009
Bobby Fasel

Wow, I’ve loved that Glen Keane image for a long time – and your color DEFINITELY makes it.

I love seeing the things you post on here. Everything is so fantastic, and it’s great to know that you’re behind a lot of the work. You’re definitely someone I look up to.

I’m just curious… in this image – https://one1more2time3.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/111.jpg – Are those all different markers in the Planters containers? And what kind?

C: Take care!

from hans –
the markers in the picture are MAGIC MARKERS ( not available anymore because of their dangerous benzol content ) and PANTONE MARKERS. I had 2 kinds, broad tip to color on paper and fine tip to airbrush. in total with all the other brands like GRAPHIC MARKERS and AD MARKERS, there were over 1.000 pens to choose from.

12 09 2009
Bobby Fasel

haha Okay! Thanks sir C:

22 01 2016

Those are some absolutely exquisite storyboards! The colors are just so expressive. This is a little trivial but I’m curious- generally how big was each panel for the storyboard?

from hans –
in case you are referrring to the B+B dick purdum drawn boards, each single drawing was about DIN A5

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