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3 04 2009

GAY PURR-EE was released in 1962. the ‘musical’ story, featuring the voices of JUDY GARLAND and ROBERT GOULET, was directed by ABE LEVITOW, produced by UPA. the only thing I find interesting about this piece is the art direction by VICTOR HABOUSH. maybe the colors in some of the BG’s go a bit over the top, and the color combinations are very unusual. the style of the film’s french environment from the early 20th century shows some references to VAN GOGH, CEZANNE and TOULOUSE LAUTREC. following are a few pan background recreations.










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3 04 2009
Michael Sporn

I remember first seeing this film at the age of 14. The showing I went to immediately followed a kiddee party in the theater. There was a chocolate splat in the mid-center of the screen that stayed there throughout my viewing. It was hard to watch much else, yet I was still entranced with those Bgs. I went again the next day to see it at another theater – without the chocolate stain – and can report that I was just as enthralled with the film.

Thanks for the recreations.

21 06 2018
Andrew Steiner

I watched Gay-Purr-ee before on Cartoon Network when I was younger. A winter ago, I took an art history class at Oakland Community College, and I can see that all those paintings by Monet, Van Gogh, Renoir, Modigliani, and all the other artists during the Impressionist period really helped shape the visual style of this film, even the whole film itself doesn’t look like a typical Chuck Jones cartoon.

Besides, I also love the Cartoon Network screen bug in the last background pan. (I often create background pans of my own as well using Paint 2.) Great job!

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