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6 04 2009

here are some more recreated backgrounds from disney’s SONG OF THE SOUTH. if all these critics have such a strong opinion about the live action part of the movie, why then not just release the animated pieces as the ‘uncle remus stories’? I can’t see anything offensive in the animation…



© disney enterprises, inc



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7 04 2009

Those backgrounds are gorgeous!

7 04 2009
Mitch Gould

In your book, you did not explicitly talk about the application of picture composition rules, such as the rule of thirds, to luxurious wide formats such as Cinemascope.

In particular, the digital cinema format is 2048×858 pixels.

Is there anything special to know about composing scenes for long viewboxes?

7 04 2009
Mitch Gould

Aha… Sorry, I went back to the book recently and I see the question answered.

10 04 2009
jung etienne

i’m astonished how they use strong “contrast” between dark and light.
The shady areas are almost black.It ads “un aspect théatral”(sorry,I can’t say it in english).

from hans –
the images are not completely identical with the original artwork and how the
film might look in a good quality transfer. don’t forget, my recreations are based
on a pal to ntsc and VHS transfer. not to compare to DVD quality from the other disney films I presented.

17 04 2009
jung etienne

I saw a photography showing Claude COATS painting one of these BG.

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