12 04 2009


I selected some trees from all different DISNEY feature films to show the incredible style variety coming just from one studio, over a period of about twenty years. the films are – SALUDOS AMIGOS ( aquarela do brasil ), BAMBI, SLEEPING BEAUTY, PETER PAN, MAKE MINE MUSIC ( peter and the wolf ), PAUL BUNYAN, 101 DALMATIANS, ALICE IN WONDERLAND. hopefully one day I can find such a variety in our depressing CG-era.









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12 04 2009

This is a fantastic post! I love all these variations of Disney trees. Thanks!

12 04 2009

A very interseting post. People talk so casually about ‘Disney style’ it’s easy to over look the richness and variety there.

12 04 2009
Drake Brodahl

Very poignant post, Hans. Is there a studio today willing to nurture such stylistic variety? My hope is that 2D animation and this kind of experimentation make a resurgence in my lifetime.

from hans –
…you have a good chance, you are still young

12 04 2009

I think there are some people that still have courage to play with such different styles. The problem is that the media only accepts what’s hype (vector art, manga, etc.).

13 04 2009

I know that as a student, we are fed the idea that realism and the ability to create photo-realistic art is the mark of true talent, and I know that many at my school spend too much time copying what’s already there as opposed to exploring bolder and newer styles. Even I myself am afraid try new styles. This post is inspiring though =)

from hans –
i have never heard about a school that is teaching this kind of nonsense.
copying reality is not ART. creativity means something very different. you
should start a serious discussion with your teachers…

14 04 2009

First time reader – first time poster.

Do you recall a Disney TV special in which 4 of their artists (I think Marc Davis was one) painted the same tree? The results were spectacular (and different as you might imagaine). I watched this show a couple years ago late late late a night. Don’t recall the name, but with a little Googling I could probably find it. Those 4 paintings would be something to have.

from hans –
that is ‘FOUR ARTISTS PAINT A TREE’. you find it on one of the disney treasures DVD’s.

17 04 2009
jung etienne

I have this documentary on the”Sleeping Beauty” DVD edition.

17 04 2009
jung etienne

Woaw!They where masters in using gouache and oil technique

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