1939 BG styles

14 04 2009

the following recreated backgrounds are stylewise very interesting because they belong to DISNEY shorts from about the same production time. 1 – PRACTICAL PIG 1939, 2+3 – SOCIETY DOG SHOW 1939, 4 – BONE TROUBLE 1940.





the PRACTICAL PIG BG is very much in the tradition of the SILLY SYMPHONIES, like FARMYARD SYMPHONY or the other 2 later LITTLE PIG shorts. very soft watercolor backgrounds with broad shapes and very little detail. I am not sure who developed that style. when TENGGREN joined the studio in the late thirties, a lot of the silly symphonies had established the look already. SOCIETY DOG SHOW is one of my favorite shorts of that time with its amazing action towards the end. I remember when RICHARD WILLIAMS was planning the climax of his THIEF masterpiece, he referred a lot to the camera-angles in that short. the BG’s are painted similar in style and technique like the ones in SNOW WHITE, what premiered two years earlier. the BONE TROUBLE background is layout-wise interesting, but paintingstyle-wise it could belong to the shorts of the early thirties.

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3 responses

14 04 2009
Bill Robinson

These are gorgeous, Hans. Thanks for recreating them and sharing them here. Do you have any advice on where to start if someone wanted to learn to paint like this?

from hans –
the BG artists on LILO AND STITCH learned that watercolor technique and did all the BG’s in that style. contact lao jie, he was one of the artists –

14 04 2009
Drake Brodahl

Beautiful recreated BGs, Hans.

Hey Bill, you might also get in touch with Peter Moehrle who was on Lilo & Stitch. http://happybrush.blogspot.com. He teaches here in the Seattle area.

from hans –
of course, peter moehrle. great artist, and german too…

22 04 2009
Nancy Beiman

Wasn’t John Hubley the background painter on BONE TROUBLE?
The film has gorgeous layouts and a funhouse mirror scene that is highly original…

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