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17 04 2009

DALE NICHOLS, 1904 – 1995, was an american regional landscape artist, who illustarted a lot of books as well, some with woodcarvings. I accidentally found a few of his paintings years ago, and especially his snowy landscapes reminded me somehow of disney- and WB-short backgrounds of the forties and early fifties. maybe he influenced some of the designers.


© dale nichols




7 responses

17 04 2009
Bill Robinson

Cool! I had never heard of him before, definitely interested…

17 04 2009
jung etienne

I first thought They were animation backgrounds.

17 04 2009
Ignacio Ochoa

Or maybe , the Warner designers influenced him. You know in what years he made this paintings ?.
The granaries are equal to the Foghorn leghorn
animated shorts.
Great stuff Hans!!

from hans –
some of them are from the thirties

17 04 2009
Sunny Kharbanda

These are great! I love the trees.
The resemblance to the animation backgrounds is really striking.

18 04 2009

Thank you for posting such great treasures in this blog!
I just found this blog three days ago and I just can’t stop coming back to it every morning! 🙂

13 12 2009
Tim Drexler

Been into Nichols’ art since I was a kid and used Catholic school textbooks that featured his illustrations. Can anybody point me towards any of those textbooks?

1 06 2010

Dale Nichols was my husband’s great uncle – superior artist from David City, Nebraska.

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