20 04 2009

disney’s first animated feature film SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS, released 1937, has some of the most beautiful watercolor backgrounds. only a few are left in the disney archives ARL. following are some of them recreated from DVD screen captured images.







© disney enterprises, inc




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20 04 2009
Michael Sporn

I can never tire of seeing the backgrounds from this film. You’ve done an amazing job reconstructing a couple of these images. I don’t imagine it was easy putting together that pan up to the Queen. Thank you. They’re beautiful.

from hans –
you are right, whenever the camera turns and trucks in or out it becomes
a ‘major’ job. bambi had lots of those.

20 04 2009

yes, very nice work!

by the way, why only a few days left at the library? (sorry, I’m out of the loop here).

20 04 2009


21 04 2009

first of all just the technical point of view of sheer mastery of the aquarelle medium itself.

then, from a purely artistic approach to composing light and dark.

these early disney films always humble when I think I know something about composition and color.

thanks for sharing.

21 04 2009
Ryan Davies

Love ’em. This may seem like a silly question, but compared to what you have captured, are we only missing some original work on the edges, or are there whole sections of the backgrounds that were painted but have never seen the light of day?

from hans –
you can get the answer to your question in my first post sept.2008. I ‘simply’
patch screen captured snapshots of a pan in short intervalls together. the missing sections you mention are the areas between the captured shots. If I had enough patience to patch every single frame you would get the whole BG without the missing areas.

21 04 2009

Thank you very much for sharing these, they are fantastic. I’m also very grateful for your book and am looking forward to the next one you’re writing. Cheers,

23 04 2009
Ryan Davies

i understand the screen capture process, but what i was wondering was would Disney artists paint only as much of the background as was necessary, or would they do a much larger background with only portions of it being onscreen.

For instance, some of them are shaped like this // instead of squares or rectangles. Would any Disney archive backgrounds be shaped like // too? thanks

from hans –
during the workbook process and layout the movement of the camera is defined. following that movement you have a certain size in any shape, that will be painted.

23 04 2009

Wow, these are wonderful too. Thank you for taking your time to put it all together!

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