# 200

27 04 2009


for the 200. post I have selected some of GUSTAF TENGGREN’S beautiful designs for disney’s PINOCCHIO. he got the inspiration for the village from the german town of ROTHENBURG.






© disney enterprises, inc




10 responses

27 04 2009
Randy Valiente

wow! these are amazing. thanks for posting, hans 🙂

27 04 2009
Bill Robinson

This is exactly what I was looking for! I love these designs.

28 04 2009

Thank you for sharing , Hans , it’s always “full of discoveries, ” here !

28 04 2009

these are amazing!

congrats on 200, hans. there’s a lot of hard work and great history you’ve shared with us – thanks.

28 04 2009

wow, I really love this blog! thank you!!

28 04 2009

Amazing, Hans! Really nice, I gotta watch Pinocchio this week to remember it. Congratulations!

29 04 2009

Hey Hans,
what a great way to celebrate the post #200, lovely artwork. Can’t wait for the 500, 1000 post, and beyond. Always a big time travel on the world of animation, really good time. Thanks.

29 04 2009

thanks for posting hans! i’ve been looking for the name of the artist who painted this. if my memory serves me right i don’t recall him (GUSTAF TENGGREN’S) being credited in the illusion of life book.

29 04 2009
Jamie Metzger

stunning! congrats on 200 as well!

10 07 2012
James Newberry

Great work on spotting and revealing the Tenggren/Baraldi affair!
And thank you for a great site in general!

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