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30 04 2009

JOE GRANT was born may 15, 1908 in new york city. his father worked for one of randolph hearst’s newspapers, so it was natural that joe started in the same business. he became pretty successful with his celebritry caricatures beginning of the 1930s for the LOS ANGELES RECORD. walt disney was a big fan of his work and asked his artists to copy joe’s style for the characters in a 2 1/2 min ‘PARADE OF THE NOMINEES’ in the 1932 OSCAR presentation. it featured MICKEY MOUSE for the first time in color! pretty soon, in 1933, disney hired joe grant who designed as his first job all the celebrity characters in MICKEY’S GALA PREMIERE. by the mid-thirties he was in charge of the character development department at disney and every single character and model sheet had to be approved by him. for SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS he created the queen/witch, he co-wrote DUMBO and was responsible for the story development of FANTASIA and PINOCCHIO. in 1949 he left the studio and started his own ceramic tile and business card business. it took until 1989 when he returned to disney to work on all the feature films until his death in may 2005.


in a later post I will have some more about joe grant.
following are two pictures, with him, walt disney and dick huemer during FANTASIA, and one from a christmas party in 2003 with ollie johnston and franck thomas.



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30 04 2009
jung etienne

a touching and unusual career

1 05 2009
Nancy Beiman

Joe was a good friend, as were Frank and Ollie. I shall always regret not interviewing Joe. Then again, he never wanted to talk about the ‘old days’; he was more interested in what was being done in the present. I only heard him make a ‘past’ comment once. “THE OLD MAN DOESN’T WORK HERE ANY MORE!” he said (referring to Walt Disney, not himself.)
Joe died at his drawing board at the age of 96…I guess that is the way all of us would like to go, or at least most of us!

from hans –
you are right, nancy. I will have some more on joe in a future post. I was so lucky that our offices were next to each other for several years. and we talked a lot. he compared the past to today’s work, and he criticised the ‘leadership’-idiots who drove the cart in the mud ( hope that is bad english ). he was not in his nineties, I never noticed. he was young. and I thought he would be around forever.

1 05 2009

Hello Mr. Bacher, I’m the webmaster of the Art of Disney Animation blog. Firstely thank you for adding my blog in your favorites, it’s make me very happy! I’m a big fan of your works and I wanted to know if you allow me to publish your drawings on my blog, do not forget to mention you and your blog. I also publish works of your colleagues that you have posted on your blog.

Sorry for my english, I’m not very good!

Have a nice day,


from hans –
antoine, your blog is one of my favorites. of course you can publish my stuff. let me know what you wanna have, – and thank you for that…

1 05 2009

That’s great! Well for the next post I would like to publish your drawings on Mulan, your work on this film is (I believe) the most important and beautiful that you made for Disney. I am allowed to take pictures on your blog but maybe you have another better resolution on your computer? At the same time I’d like to publish the drawings of your friend Alex Nino.

Again thank you and bravo for your beautiful designs!

4 05 2009
Nancy Beiman

Joe’s daughter was working on a book about him. I hope it is out soon!

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