2 05 2009

he became one of MARVEL COMICS most popular horror artist of the seventies – MIKE PLOOG. probably that’s why disney asked him in the early eighties to do some designs on THE BLACK CAULDRON. I like his visual development work on that film a lot, what I cannot say about the whole movie. it is a real ‘horror’-piece. here are some of mike ploog’s designs of the the world around the ‘horned king’…





© disney enterprises, inc




3 responses

3 05 2009
George Cwirko-godycki

Mike Ploog is so good! of course i have never seen these drawings, thank you again for pulling great artwork out of thin air

4 05 2009
Nancy Beiman

I believe Mike Ploog also did development work on Ralph Bakshi’s version of THE LORD OF THE RINGS. I remember admiring the storyboards that were pinned up in that studio and being told they were his.
Although the IMDB lists him as a layout artist on the picture I am positive that I was looking at storyboards. (anyway, how do you do layout for rotoscope?)

5 05 2009

Wow, these Black Cauldron concept pieces are amazing! Thanks for posting these!
I liked some parts of that film, like the action packed escape from the castle, which also had some very cool background art pieces.

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