june 1966

6 05 2009


in june1966 my class went on a study trip to the alsasse. I was 15 years old and it was my first time in france. in strassburg I bought this oversized PILOTE comic strip with drawings in a new style and quality I had not seen before. the artist that stood out was ALBERT UDERZO, who had two series published. and these were so different in style like day and night. one was ASTERIX, who became a bit later one of the world’s best known comic strip series. the other was a realistic looking strip MICHEL TANGUY about two pilot friends in the french aitforce. in a way that comic strip, printed on pretty cheap paper and not in the best print quality, changed everything for me. I knew I wanted to become one of these artists, I wanted to learn to draw.




© uderzo/dargaud editeur




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6 05 2009

Wow! So this was one of your sources of inspiration! =]

6 05 2009
Nancy Beiman

You had some good inspiration, Hans. Asterix wasn’t readily available in the USA in the Sixties but I treasured my copies of the books after starting college.
We should all post our ‘epiphany cartoons’.
There were artists who inspired all of us…and by no means all of them were animators! The three artistic influences that got me interested in drawing cartoons were:
PEANUTS by Charles Schulz. I was drawing Snoopy almost from the first day I learned to draw. I cut the strips out of the newspapers and carefully posted them in scrapbooks. The strip was absolutely brilliant, nothing else was quite like it.
The work of CHUCK JONES. I learned very early on that if Chuck’s name was on the title of a Warner Brothers cartoon on TV, it was going to be good. I was puzzled when it sometimes turned out to be a SNIFFLES. But the bulk of Chuck’s work was extraordinary.
THE JUNGLE BOOK. This Disney feature appears to have had a huge influence on everyone in my Cal Arts class, not just me; it was the film that made many of us want to be animators. (For me, the interest in animation came much later.)

7 05 2009

Great! I had never seen before good quality images of this magazine.
Asterix accompanied my adolescence and influenced my drawing and my stories (I learned history too!), I remember it with great affection
Thank you!!! It’s a really treasure

7 05 2009
George Cwirko Godycki

i feel like such a baby! I bought my very first comic around 2000-2001, uncanny X-men by leinel francis yu, and it made me want to become an artist.

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