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7 05 2009

TEOH YI CHIE ( online alias – PARKA ), who I met in singapore during a lecture, had this idea to show all different artists workspace. you can see it at his blog. in my never ending archives I found a lot more ‘historic’ workspaces and I wanna show you some.


ANDREAS DEJA, who had started in aug. 1980 at disney, is here animating on THE BLACK CAULDRON in dec. 1980.


in 1981 I met ART BABBITT in the hollywood QUARTETT film studio, where he was animating on THE THIEF for RICHARD WILLIAMS.

BARRIE NELSON, who animated WINDY DAY for JOHN HUBLEY, at his desk in 1981 in his malibu home.

ELFRIEDE FISCHINGER, widow of german abstract filmmaker OSCAR FISCHINGER, in her hollywood hills home in 1981.

myself in summer 1987 at amblin, working on WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT.

and at the same time at amblin in a story-meeting with the director BOB ZEMECKIS and the writers JEFFREY PRICE and PETER SEAMAN.

downshot from the roof of the FORUM in london-camdentown in 1987 with RICHARD WILLIAMS working in his room on WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT.

RICHARD WILLIAMS playing the trumpet, while I am doing an inbetween test at his desk in his home in hampstead 1986 for ROGER RABBIT.

MEL SHAW in 1989 in the purdum studio in london working on some production designs for BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.

RUSSELL HALL animating jessica rabbitt in the london FORUM studio in 1988.

in front of one of his layouts for richard williams’ THE THIEF is ROY NESBITT in the williams studio nr.13 soho square london feb. 1987.

1988 ULI MEYER started his first studio in london. here he is animating at his desk.

my room and workdesk in the disney feature animation studio in burbank 1998.




10 responses

7 05 2009
George Cwirko Godycki

fascinating pictures

7 05 2009
Ignacio Carlos Ochoa

Is marvelous to be able to see these photograph. You know, last week, I published in my blog some photos of bigger artists working, to celebrate the international worker day. Thanks to sharing.

7 05 2009
Bill Robinson

I am drooling over the number of art books in your office in that last photo…

8 05 2009

I love looking at other people’s workspaces. It’s so refreshing.

9 05 2009

It’s incredibly inspirational, too.

These are really great photos – I can’t wait to see what else comes out of your archives!

9 05 2009

Super Fotos Hans!

11 05 2009

Always love pictures like these – so very inspirational in a strange way.

I like that first one of Andreas at his desk. I like even more that he’s got a photo of Kahl at his desk…posted at his desk. So will I create some sort of uber paradox if I hang this photo of a desk with a photo of a desk at MY animation desk??

11 05 2009


14 08 2009
Robert Dress

I’m inspired to clean up my damn studio and get some work done!

28 04 2010
Oscar Grillo

Seeing these photos reminds me of why I don’t want to work in animation anymore. They all look like they have been taken in the late hours. Those 18 working hours marathons in order to meet the dateline!!
’tis a pitty you haven’t included the ball and chain in the animators ankles!

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