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12 05 2009

when I started to work on BEAUTY AND THE BEAST I realized pretty soon that the reference I could find in books was not enough. besides that most of the books were expensive and I did not want to buy them only for a few images I could use. that was of course before the internet era. today it is pretty easy to get all the reference of the world through ‘image search’. so – back then I bought a videoprinter, a small but expensive box that printed on thermopaper in postcard size 4 little images from video archived material. vhs and betamax quality at that time. first in black/white in a lousy resolution. that improved with the newer printers, and the costs went up! I taped everything that might be interesting, historic documentaries, lots of stuff from the history- and discovery channel, but tons of movies, music clips and commercials as well. everything seemed to be useful for inspiration. that way I collected several thousand of images throughout the following years. they are all glued in about 30 books. a ‘treasure’! from now on I want to post a series of some of the images. I select them by motif, interesting angle, color, composition or crazy ideas. here is nr. one





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13 05 2009

Thank you 🙂

13 05 2009

Are you Spanish? I was surprise when i found some of your pictures from a spanish tv channel!

from hans –
no – I am european, born in germany. now living in asia.
in the nineties, still in germany, I received tv channels from all over europe, spanish as well.

14 05 2009
David Cousens

Thanks for sharing Hans! 🙂

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