creative workspaces 2

14 05 2009

1colin stimpson 1993
1993 at AMBLIMATION in london COLIN STIMPSON at his BG-workdesk painting BG’s for BALTO.

2tom B+B 1989
during the BEAUTY AND THE BEAST preproduction time at the PURDUM studio in london, 1989, TOM SITO and me in the ‘smoking’-corner.

3a.harald 1990

3harald desk 1990
HARALD SIEPERMANN in our studio MAD-T-PARTY in duesseldorf 1990 at his desk surrounded by his cut-out pin-wall.

4uli roger r 1987
1987 in the FORUM in london camdentown, ULI MEYER animating ‘dumbo’ on WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT.

5amblimation studio 1993
the AMBLIMATION studio in london with SIMON WELLS, the director of BALTO sitting in the center.

6daan 1993
DAAN JIPPES in 1993 storyboarding on BALTO at AMBLIMATION.

7dick 2'87

8dick old studio a1

8a.williams studio 80s
RICHARD WILLIAMS at his animation desk early 1987 in his london studio, 13 soho square.

9AJK 1989
myself in 1989 working on the comic strip series ALFRED J.KWAK in the duesseldorf studio.

enjoy – there will be lots more soon…




9 responses

14 05 2009

I just love to see these workingspaces. It tells alot about the personalities of the artists.

14 05 2009

That’s really awesome to see these. The history of animation told by pictures.

14 05 2009

wow – these are all incredibly inspiring!
thanks for sharing them.

14 05 2009
Mark McDonnell

WOW! Such talent, it’s amazing to see the variety of talent that are today’s top designers.

Thank you for sharing,


15 05 2009

Thanks for another inspiring post! Always great to see other artists workspaces.

15 05 2009
Peter Moehrle

Hi Hans,

Do you have a photo when we shared that office at AMBLIMATION in 1992.


from hans –
hi peter, most of my documentary about amblimation is on video. actually about 10 hours.

16 05 2009
Peter Moehrle

Hi Hans,

I’ll have to look maybe I have some photos, when you say video what comes to mind is you getting all your camera stuff stollen from the ” Bond Hotel ”
across the street from the studio. I also started a blog,

from hans –
hi peter, ach ja – memories! the pub where it all was stolen was the sherlock holmes pub.
well that didn’t help!

19 12 2014

Hi Hans,
What a nice photo’s. I notice that in the last picture you are working on a page from the second comic of Alfred J. Kwak. That comic was released in 1988.

7 02 2015

Oh my God.What nice artists and things I see.Thank you very much sirs.

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