more trouble

29 05 2009

here is another recreated long pan-background from disney’s 1945 goofy short TIGER TROUBLE. again painted by master BG-painter CLAUDE COATS this is in my opinion one of the most beautiful BG’s in shorts that I have seen in a while. coats worked that same year on two more shorts – DOG WATCH and CALIFORNY ER BUST. soon I will post some more BG’s from DOG WATCH.

tiger trouble 2

© disney enterprises, inc




2 responses

29 05 2009
Jared Shear

Lovely!….I really like the transition that the bg makes from the cool blues and greens on the left, to the warmer browns, greens and reds on the right. Thanks Hans!

1 06 2009

Tiger Trouble is one of three Goofy shorts made in 1945 that featured a team that was mostly working on features during this period. The three shorts are :Tiger Trouble, African Diary, and Californy R Bust. All three were directed by Jack Kinney, have story by Bill Peet and layouts by Lance Nolley. Cluade Coats did backgrounds on Tiger Trouble and Californy R Bust. Ray Huffine did backgrounds on African Diary.

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