2 06 2009

some more from universal/amblimation dec.1995 released BALTO. an outlined bear in one color would have looked too cartoony, too much detail in the fur too expensive to animate, too realistic and it would have flickered. this is what I came up with as a solution, just animated highlights in two different colors. the last one is a color continuity sheet with changing light during the sunset. all felt pen and gouache on top of SIMON WELLS xeroxed storyboard drawings.

balto bearfight05

balto bear119

balto col.continuity18





7 responses

2 06 2009
jung etienne

…reminds me of the famous animation of Glen Keane on”the fox and the hound”

3 06 2009

I discover your blog, it’s stunning !
Thanks for all this gems !

3 06 2009

great work. love the colours!

4 06 2009
Jessica Plummer

this also reminds me of how they staged the deer fight scene in bambi. it turned suddenly from soft, beautiful scenes to violent, almost abstract colors and silhouettes. and they made it work too.

9 06 2009
Brecht Debaene

The poses also remind me of Glen Keane’s bear in ‘the fox and the hound’

nice aggressive colors!

19 10 2009

Thanks for the article, that’s very interesting, especially for us Balto fans 🙂

27 08 2019
Every Jon

Holy crap this is awesome

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