5 06 2009

alice 018 AA

alice comp bb

alice comp BBBa

recreated backgrounds from disney’s 1951 ALICE IN WONDERLAND

© disney enterprises, inc




9 responses

5 06 2009

Amazing design!
…and Beautiful

5 06 2009

Wow, that’s my inspiration for today! Thanks for posting these Hans. They are still shockingly bold after all these years.

5 06 2009
Ernesto Melo

WOW,that’s a present!!

5 06 2009
jung etienne

funny the way BG painters reinterpret the original “flat” shapes of Mary BLAIR.
singular use of color by mixing one color with black and white.
Very exciting compositions .
(Today “Alice” is one of the Disney movie beloved by the french “serious” critics.)

6 06 2009
Bruce Zick

Hans, you’ve done it once again!! Thanks so much for giving us such great ongoing inspiration.

6 06 2009

wonderful!!! thanks for another treasure!

7 06 2009
Doron Meir

The middle one is awesome.

8 06 2009
Floyd Norman

I first saw these images when I was a child. I was struck how bold and beautiful they were even back then. They’re still just as amazing today.

I absolutely love the art direction on this film.

8 06 2009
Ang Audrey

i also saw the other paintings Mary Blair did for Alice in Wonderland and every one is a work of art!

This was one of my childhood favorites and it still inspires me when I look at these images, especially now that I appreciate these backgrounds a lot more than I used to.

thank you so much for the wonderful lectures and suggestions you gave to us! your lectures are so inspiring! 🙂

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