9 06 2009

several years ago I was asked to do some logo-designs for HONG KONG DISNEYLAND. a condition was, I had to use the typical disneyland castle design somehow. since the MULAN-days I had become familiar with chinese brushes and had even looked into their caligraphy. so I tried the castle in a ‘chinese brush look’. later I added some typical blossoms. the lettering, a combination of the famous disney ‘D’ and the H.K. – hong kong letters was fun too. unfortunately the client choose a different, less fancy version.

hongkong dis

© disney enterprises, inc / WDI




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9 06 2009
jung etienne

a very pleasant cultural mix and a touch of humor.

10 06 2009

It really gives a feel of chinese, East Asian flavor. Cool colors and compositions. I really liked the use of white flowers. Keep inspiring.

14 06 2009
Steve Brown

can you read Chinese characters? I’ve been learning a lot on this interactive site http://www.skritter.com (sorry for recommending something with a subscription fee). Learning to speak Chinese is sure a lot easier to learn than reading and writing!

from hans –
steve, I would love to read and speak mandarin, and I would start learning it if I was a bit younger. but now my internal harddrive is pretty full and time is limited. fortunately I have some chinese friends over here to help me with the language and culture.

17 06 2009
Steve Brown


thanks for your reply. Struggling to learn Mandarin turned out to be the biggest unexpected benefit of teaching in Taiwan! Should I even ask about Tagalog?

from hans –
where in taiwan? at the tainan college of art? I know enough tagalog to tell taxi drivers and other traffic participants what I think of them. otherwise the advantage is that nearly everybody here speaks english

21 06 2009
Steve Brown

Hi Hans,
yes, at Tainan National University of the Arts. I think I mentioned before that the director of their animation department, Wei-Cheng Yu, still feels honored that you came to visit them. I can navigate some daily necessities in Mandarin, but fortunately the students speak enough English that I am able to teach in my mother tongue!

from hans –
please say hi to him. It is a great school! I am around the corner if they want me to come for a visit…

22 06 2009
Steve Brown

I will be sure and tell him. I suspect he would love that!

2 01 2010

yeah… most people would not get the D, H, and K out of that…

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