12 06 2009

the following recreated backgrounds are from disney’s DONALD’S BETTER SELF, released march 1938. beautifully painted in the common watercolor technique of that time.

better self003

better self004

better self021

better self025

better self031

© disney enterprises, inc




4 responses

12 06 2009

Wow, absolutely stunning. They have so much warmth and appeal. My inspiration for today!

Thanks again Hans.

12 06 2009

Thanks a lot for your blog, Mr. Bacher! It is always an inspiration to read your stories and find new old artist I did not know anything about.
Since you closed the Google ones I thought you had completely stopped blogging, so yesterday it was a nice present to find this one (it took me a while, I guess 🙂 )

from hans –
that will take you a while to go through all those two hundred and something
posts, enjoy and welcome back…

12 06 2009
Uli Meyer

These are so beautiful. I would love to learn how to paint like this in watercolors. Is there any literature you can recommend apart from the usual “Landscapes in a weekend” type stuff?

12 06 2009
Michael Sporn

I love the play with perspective – the near and far – in all of these. That gorgeous sunflower hidden in the foreground just kills me. I have to go back and watch this short again to see how it plays on screen. Of course, the watercolor styling is sensational, as well. Thanks for calling my attention to them.

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