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17 06 2009

trnka 0

you might have noticed that JIRI TRNKA is one of my favorite artists. a while ago I posted some of his puppet animation artwork and a few children book illustrations. here is some more, a lot of his earlier work…

trnka 2

trnka 1

trnka 4

trnka 3

trnka 6

trnka 8

trnka 10

trnka 11

trnka 12

trnka 13

trnka 14

trnka 15

trnka 16

© jiri trnka




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17 06 2009

These are some amazing works, and also eclectic! Here and there, he kind of shows some influences from Chagall (which I love) in terms of shapes and colors, I would say.
I knew him as a stop-motion cartoonist, not so much as an illustrator and painter. Can you suggest any good printed source?

Thanks for sharing!


from hans –
have a look…

17 06 2009
jung etienne

Very poetic drawings.

18 06 2009

Fantastic blog! You aren’t allowed to go away!

21 06 2009
Steve Brown

Trinka is the master! When I was in Prague, it was very difficult to find DVD’s of his work, or of any classic Czech animation in general. But in Tokyo I was able to find anything and everything! As near as I can determine, the Japanese passion for Czech animation is a result of the fact that the greatest Japanese stop-motion animator, Kawamoto Kihachiro, had been a student of Trinka’s.

22 06 2009

Thank you for these! They are beautiful! And thank you for the link that you gave to Aldo too.

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