more baghdad

19 06 2009

following are some more sketches for disney’s ALADDIN

alad 11.90-1391

alad palace garden0135

aladdin romance




alad 24.8.90-1301


© disney enterprises, inc




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19 06 2009

Wow, this is some beautiful work, Hans. It reminds me of some of the work of Russian illustrator Bilibin, are you familiar with his work?

from hans –
of course. I love his work. someone in the studio had a book with most of his work, – so hard to find

19 06 2009

A year and a half ago there was an exhibition in the Netherlands about Russian fairy tales. I saw a lot of his originals there. It was amazing!

If you are looking for a book with his illustrations you could try to find the catalogue of this exhibition:
It features the work of some other Russian masters too…

from hans –
thank you for the link. will try to order it. hope it will arrive…

19 06 2009

amazing work here, Hans. I really like the looseness of your marker renderings, but also the tightness of the linear work – it’s great all around.

you may have already discussed this previously, but do you have a favorite medium/method? if it’s digital today, which tactile method did you prefer?


from hans –
I am still doing all my sketches with a japanese brushpen and a german
lamy fountainpen on paper. then the ‘real’ work happens in photoshop,
adding some of my 15.000 brushes and the color.

15 04 2013

So beutiful *O*

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