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25 06 2009

it is not just the look of the environment that creates the style of a film, the characters are at least as important. both elements have to fit. once in a while you can see that apparently there was never any communication between the character-designer and the production-designer. or when you look at the characters of a recent major disney jungle movie, you can see, that 4 or 5 different character-designers were involved, but nobody coordinated them. at least those characters were well designed, what was not the case in disney’s LITTLE MERMAID. the environment was a disaster as well, no design-direction at all. the film looks like, every background-painter had a chance to paint the way they wanted.


in MULAN’S case all characters were designed by CHEN-YI CHANG, we both worked very close together to make sure the film had ‘one’ look, character- and environment-wise. the leading animators of the main characters were asked to fine-tune their characters, so they felt comfortable animating them. but after that their designs went back to chen-yi to be brought back to the style.




chen-yi was influenced by BRUCE TIMM’S style, they both had worked on the BATMAN-cartoon series – but as well by his cultural background, chen-yi is from taiwan. he was my most important partner on the film, because he explained the chinese culture to me and gave me always advice for my designs.



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3 responses

26 06 2009
Steve Brown

Chen-Yi is like a hero in the Taiwan! Think I heard he was working on some production back home these days.

26 06 2009
George Cwirko-godycki

i think your blog is so incredible, very often the pictures here take my breath away. i try to print out everything, just in case one day your blog won’t work. except most of the pictures are very low resolution and don’t print well, is there some way to get the pictures you post here, but in print resolution? those little thumbs look so cool!

29 07 2009

thankx Hans i needed the break down on horses

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