28 06 2009

this is the first of several recreated backgrounds from disney’s PINOCCHIO. fortunately I have seen what is left of these masterpieces in the disney archives ARL. they were painted with probably several dozens of layers of watercolor, more dirty water than color. that technique I guess is the most complicated way to paint and these artists in the forties mastered it with incredible skills. for me the PINOCCHIO BG’s create so much atmosphere in their style, like a short time later the oil-painted backgrounds in BAMBI as well.
this first longer pan was extremely difficult to recreate, because the 3 BG-layers move in different speeds, – so, eliminating the characters in foreground and background was some challenge. but it was worth the time, it is such a beautiful piece…


© disney enterprises, inc




5 responses

28 06 2009

You’re right, absolutely wonderful!

29 06 2009
J. Charpentier

really great background!

29 06 2009
Meghan Jean

love the subtlety in this… down to that slight glow reflecting up onto the shaded fg object. lovely indeed.

29 06 2009

agreed. and love the wood & tile – really great.

29 06 2009
Michael Sporn

A couple of months ago, just to study the scene, I tried to do the same recreation you’ve done, without removing the characters. That, alone, was a monster (well worth the trouble.) You’ve done one better and have just about created a new work of art in it. The scene’s magnificent, the background’s beautiful and your recreation of it is superb. Thanks.

from hans –
thank you michael. it is good to know, there is at least one artist out there who knows what it means. you are right, it was worth every min, and it always is. I worked on some more bg’s from wind in the willows yesterday. there was another very complex cameramove, but when it was finished, it was not just beautiful – I had learned how that fascinating move had been done. often these moves are overlooked, because they work so well. so, this way it is besides the fun a great learning process.

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