9 07 2009

two more recreated backgrounds from disney’s PINOCCHIO. I know that GUSTAF TENGGREN used a lot of reference in his designs for pinocchio’s village from the german city of ROTHENBURG. but it looks like there was some more inspiration from another part of europe and not too far away from rothenburg – compare the photo reference below. there are lots of similarities in the architecture of these beautiful villages along the ROUTE DU VIN in ALSACE, FRANCE. it is one of my favorite areas in europe, famous for its wine.




© disney enterprises, inc




4 responses

9 07 2009

Cool blog !

Sorry but the correct spelling is Alsace (a guy from France)

from hans –
I know that, and in german it is elsass. I was convinced that the english version was
alsasse, checked it – and I was wrong. sorry about that…

10 07 2009
jung etienne

hey,I live in Strasbourg ,only a few miles away from these villages wellknown for producing famous white wines.
I always thought Pinocchio was more inspired by Switzerland .
But in acertain way,german,Alsacian and Swiss villages may have a lot in common.

from hans –
hi etienne, I envy you. this is such a beautiful part of france. and with the black forest right across the rhine. incredible food and my favorite wine. I really miss to be there…

10 07 2009

Amazing backgrounds, its a shame you cant see many things like that now.
Thanks for your blog, very inspiring!

11 07 2009

these are gorgeous!

thanks! 🙂

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