11 07 2009

from tomorrow on, july 12 until july 26, I will be in singapore to teach during a workshop – production design/character design in animation. my posting might slow down during these next two weeks. I am looking forward to be again in one of the most exciting cities in asia.

tin soldier0051

above one of my preproduction designs for disney’s FANTASIA 2000, TIN SOLDIER.

© disney enterprises, inc




5 responses

11 07 2009

Look forward to seeing you, Sir.

12 07 2009

lucky them , getting u as a teacher ,
i have your book dream worlds one of the books i went and travelled for somehow convinced and managed the book shop guy to arrange it .
it’s full of inspiration and is a tremendous insight into ur process.
it’s indeed Dream worlds
huge fan

12 07 2009

Dear Sir,

If i wish to attend your lectures in Singapore,where do i go??? And how can i be able to attend??
I will greatly appreciate if you would help me..



from hans –
I don’t know if they still accept more participants. but try –
CG protege tel 64 7373 57/ 64 7375 02

14 07 2009
jung etienne

Did you work on the Hans C. andersen segment ( the soldier and the ballerina)?

from hans –
very early, in 1994. so, nothing of my stuff ended up on the screen.

15 07 2009

Hi, I did like to attend your lectures too. May i know it is possible ? Thank you

from hans –
same thing, call the nr. i mentioned….

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