from singapore

12 07 2009

hello from the beautiful SINGAPORE!
enjoy some of my favorite scenes from disney’s CINDERELLA. I removed the animation in most of them and tried to recreate the pure backgrounds to show the style, the composition and the very typical for CINDERELLA color-choices.

cinderella comp 709 A

cinderella comp 709 B

cinderella comp 709 C

© disney enterprises, inc




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13 07 2009

these are really incredible – thanks for sharing them.

13 07 2009

It is when I see people like you blogging, do I feel indebted to this culture of internet. You cannot possibly imagine how fortunate people like us feel to read and see your work. Thanks, for sharing them.

13 07 2009

i’m soo thrilled u came to my blog, n saw my lame bits n struggling attempts ,
thanks for ur humble gestures , it makes me work harder and learn even more 🙂
thanks , n plz plz i would like to link ur blog , if tht’s fine with u

13 07 2009

Hi Hans I’m a Singaporean, ya love your blog always, by the way where are you giving the teachings hope i can attend..

from hans –
contact them here…

13 07 2009
jung etienne

I saw the first BG on an exhibition in Paris.It was composed by several paintings on glass.All the composition and colors of these séries are astonishing.
They express immediatly drama and strong emotions

13 07 2009

Fantastic!I’am glad you sharing it for us.:O)

15 07 2009

Thanks for sharing, Hans ! Did the Visual development artists/Bg artists made some master bgs for the exteriors and interiors of the castle? like some plans for the castle, apart from the stylization for the film (i guess this is the same castle which was later used for Disneyland)

from hans –
mary blair designed all that. but for the castles in the parks they used the castle design from sleeping beauty.

18 07 2009


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