crazy 80s

6 08 2009

in 1985 I started a company in DUESSELDORF, the MAD T PARTY, together with three other crazy illustrators/animators – HARALD SIEPERMANN, ULI MEYER and JENS WIEMER. the plan was to cover all the needs of the advertising world in the at that time capital of advertising, duesseldorf in germany. it worked pretty well, our connections extended to london through my work for RICHARD WILLIAMS and paris, working for SOGITEC. we did tons of well paid and disgusting advertising, lots of animation for german-TV, even special effects for life action films and – comic strips. that became pretty time consuming, THE ALFRED J. KWAK adventures made it from comic strip to TV-series. anyway, I wanted to remember JENS WIEMER who died way too young ten years ago from complications after a heart attack. I met him first when we studied at the same FOLKWANG art academy in 1969, and we became very close friends. he was a gifted illustrator for the funniest cartoons as well as very realistic renderings, and a hell of an animator. following is one of his cartoons…

jens wiemer 52

© jens wiemer




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10 08 2009

I don’t get it

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