alex nino 5

12 08 2009

some more of ALEX NINO’S designs during the visual development of disney’s MULAN.

alex5 MUL035

alex5 MUL36

alex5 MUL037

© disney enterprises, inc




11 responses

12 08 2009
Matthew Long

These are amazing, thank you for sharing his work with us yet again.

12 08 2009

Thanks for posting Nino’s work again…his style is really inspiring. I really loved the art of American comic books he did in the 70s. Can’t wait to see more Nino Gems from your treasury..

13 08 2009
Ian Worrel

I really appreciate your blog. Thanks for sharing.

13 08 2009
Jason Scheier

These are so exciting to see Hans! I really appreciate you posting them!! :]

13 08 2009

my god, that’s a lot of work – exceptional! thanks for sharing.

13 08 2009
Mark McDonnell

INCREDIBLE. Thank you so much for sharing . . I appreciate it.


13 08 2009
Brian Hack

There will be an exhibition of Alex Nino’s original pages from the Warren magazine 1984/1994 at Kingsborough Community College, Brooklyn, NY this coming November (Nov 4-30, 2009). These are some amazing works, some of the most experimental of his career. Hope to see you there!

Information about the exhibition is available on facebook:

A small gallery of images that will be in the exhibition:

13 08 2009

Buf, impresionante… thanks for sharing!!!

15 08 2009
Steve Brown

Very sophisticated compositions! Do you have any idea if he was aware of Frank Brangwyn’s work?

from hans –
I don’t know. I am not sure if I said this before, alex never planned his drawings. he did not even sketch it in pencil and then do a cleaner version in ink or whatever. he started in the left upper corner and stopped after a few
hours in the right bottom corner. I saw it. and I know it is scary…

20 08 2009

Yikes, so good. Love to see his work.

20 04 2010
KD's portfolio

Oh my gosh! Stunning artwork! Very humbling.

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