14 08 2009

as you might have noticed I am not a big fan of ANIME films. but, I have to admit that a few are well designed. one of these few ones is BLOOD: THE LAST VAMPIRE. this animated horrorfilm premiered in japan nov. 2000. directed by HIROYUKI KITAKUBO the film offers some unusual compositions, as you can see in the following screen captures. a live action adaptation was released this year.

blood, last vampire comp

© production I.G / aniplex




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14 08 2009
Zero Mojo

HA! Anime can be an acquired taste! Sometimes better to look at the manga it came from to get the real vibe. Just look at Toriyama’s Dr. Slump manga. There is some good stuff out there, though. Try Tokyo Godfathers, Grave of the Fireflies, Metropolis or Laputa. If you’re looking for manga/character artists to watch, Range Murata, Tatsuyuki Tanaka, and Kuroboshi will give relief from the ostentatious Yoshitaka Amano; I don’t know if a manga version of Arthur Rackham is a good thing. OH! And I think you’d love the ‘modern’ cartooning of Ryohei Yanagihara! He did the old Suntory ads.

14 08 2009

well i personally prefer to watch anime films than their TV series counterparts. i barely got through the middle of this film but when i saw the first scenes, i almost cried hahahaha.

oh sir, did you get to see the links we gave you this wednesday? what do you think of hugh and tran’s works?

14 08 2009

Sorry–most Japanese Cartoons are pretty lame, tv or not. Nice images, but I always wonder whey Japanese don’t take advantage of the medium of animation more. Looks like a live action film, only not as refined.

16 08 2009
zero mojo

To Grant,
Huh? Japanese don’t take advantage of the medium? There’s certainly grist in every cartoon culture, but I don’t think you’ve looked very deeply. Ghost in the Shell? Spirited Away? Steam Boy? None of those ring a bell, huh? I don’t know, maybe yo mean TV cartoons, not features, but Big O, Samurai Champloo, FLCL and Naruto are pretty well produced. I don’t know what American (or other) cartoons in the last ten years to which you’d compare them. Can you elaborate?

from hans –
…you sound like a real fan! as I said, to comment on your comment, I am not a big fan of ‘anime’. and from the above mentioned STEAMBOY is one of the worst oeuvres I have seen in a long time. my kids like NARUTO but I wouldn’t spent too much electricity on it. and – I don’t count MIYAZAKI’S masterpieces as ‘anime’.

20 08 2009
zero mojo

Oh, Hans, there’s worse feature animation out there than Steamboy. Fox’s Anastasia for instance. Why don’t you give Sky Crawlers a look when you’re in an anime mood. Right now, I’m going to go look at the Fantastic Mr. Fox trailer again, and hope my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me and it’s not as bad as I thought. Talk about one of the worst oeuvres! Mad Monster Party had more vibrance and that’s over 40 years old! So much for the rebirth of stop-motion. Too bad it’s emo-avant garde, nouvelle absurd darling Wes Anderson putting nails in the coffin. What’s next, Michel Gondry animating My Father’s Dragon? Charlie Kaufman doing Lupin? Good gravy.

from hans –
I will have a look at sky crawlers. and about the not so fantastic fox – don’t do it.
my computer nearly got damaged…

14 08 2009
Federico Distefano

One of my regrets is my poor knowledge of the english language.
Because, when I have the opportunity to comment upon pictures like theese, I would like to express admiration for the piece with the correct use of language.

Great atmospheres in theese backgrounds!
Good bye!

from hans –
your english is great! I am happy to get comments from all over
the world. please continue to send me some…
thank you

21 08 2009

Honestly, when I watch an animated film I focus a lot on the story and how alive the characters can captivate me to watch what’s happening to them. In regards to most anime movies, I end up watching because I’m bored or certain animated sequences are nice but it doesn’t breathe life as much as watching something like Ratatouille. And I’m not saying that because I like 3d, in fact, I’m not a fan of it. But to convince people that these characters are alive and were really just drawings initially, is quite amazing. Problem is, I do not always get that feeling around anime so now how I watch anime is very limited.

Blood: The last vampire were one of the better anime movies I’ve watched animation wise. Story wise however..I didn’t last.

1 11 2009

I like the smooth designs of these artworks, a lot. 🙂

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