young masters 2

18 08 2009

1richard A087
richard vanderwende

2chen yi MU110
chen yi cheng

3nicolas C535
nicolas marlet

4sai-alex mulan94
sai ping lok after an alex nino drawing

daan jippes

6ric slu MU53
ric sluiter

8mulan rob025
robh ruppel

10colin stimpson164
colin stimpson

11buck lewis WL092
buck lewis

john watkiss

paul felix

14alfred SIE2
harald siepermann

© disney enterprises, inc
© universal/amblin
© van veen/siepermann/bacher




4 responses

19 08 2009
jung etienne

beautiful illustrations especially those from MULAN

21 08 2009
Zero Mojo

Hans, I’m loving the Young Masters stuff, keep it comin’. It amazes me the talent behind the scenes. Pixar alone has Lou Romano, Carter Goodrich, Geefwee Boedoe, Bill Presing, Derek Thompson (I think), Scott Morse, Ricky Nierve, Sanja Patell, Enrico Casarosa and Ronnie Del Carmen. And most people will never get to see all the amazing concept and 2D stuff they do. Glad you’re putting a spotlight on some of your favorites.

from hans –
I know there are way more out there. as I said in my introduction, I wanted to show the artwork of ‘young masters’ I had a chance to work with.

21 08 2009
Zero Mojo

Great. I’m a big John Watkiss fan. Wish he did more comics. : (

27 08 2009
Stephen Henderson

Richard Vanderwende has been one of my favorites since his work on the computer game Riven, he has a website here:

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