20 08 2009

the following captured frames are from a commercial DICK PURDUM animated in the late eighties for the liverpool TATE gallery. during the whole length of thirty seconds the presenter talks about art and changes inclusive his surroundings in the style of the most famous painters of the last century, like chagall, matisse, picasso, grosz, warhol… it is a masterpiece!

tate gall.comp

© richard purdum animation/tate gallery liverpool



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20 08 2009
jung etienne


27 08 2009
stephen perry

I remember working on that commercial. All done by hand, no computers, apart from a small section done on Harry? A computer paint program; we even painted the opening section in oils on canvas…. I’m pretty sure it was the opening shot.

28 08 2009
David Nethery

Excellent ! Thank you for posting these frame grabs, Hans.

I remember seeing this spot in the late 80’s and being very impressed by it . It still holds up.

After I saw your post yesterday I went hunting and found that it is on YouTube (unfortunately from a video tape copy that is not in very good shape, sort of washed out and fuzzy) . Makes me appreciate your high-quality frame grabs in vivid color all the more.

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