ducks + moles

21 08 2009

the artwork below is from 1986, from my collaboration with HARALD SIEPERMANN on our comic strip series THE STRANGE ADVENTURES OF THE DUCK ALFRED J.KWAK. it started just for fun and became an adventure with three comic books, published in germany, netherlands, belgium and france, and a 52 episodes TV-series on the air in about 20 countries.
harald developed the characters based on a story of HERMAN VAN VEEN and did the pencil sketches. I inked them and added the color and the environment. it is all feltpen and some gouache.





henk's home4312

© van veen, siepermann, bacher




6 responses

21 08 2009

This looks amazing. I can remember when Alfred J. Kwak was on the television for the first time, back in the 80’s. It was a pretty big thing in Holland back then, we didn’t have many real Dutch (based on a dutch story) cartoon series. I rememeber the actress who did the voice of Alfred was interviewed a lot on tv. Funnny that they always interview the wrong people when it comes to animation, they should have talked to you!

I don’t think I ever saw all the episodes but I’ve seen quite a few.

21 08 2009

I remember this from my childhood as well. I loved the animated show but I never read the comics. The last picture you posted is incredibly beautiful.

22 08 2009

Wow, I love the painting of the mine with the reflection. It’s stunning!

22 08 2009

Fantastic stuff and very inspiring!

In this jaded industry it is just so great to find stuff with clear intent retained
right through to the finish .

Masterful as usual .
Cheers Hans .

22 08 2009

Hello Hans, i’am very happy to see a comment from you on my blog. These last weeks i came ervery day on your blog ( i want to see how work gifted background designer, how you compose a dynamics picture etc…)
With intention to learn from a big designer i ordered Dream worlds which is generous in advice to become a good background designer.
Thank for you precious work.

25 08 2009
Thijs de Koning

I’l say it again. Alfred Jodokus Kwak was my fav cartoon growing up as a child in Holland, now having dream worlds means more to me. ( without knowing it before i bought it) you have been an inspiration to me from a very very young age up to now.

feeling old yet? 🙂

anyway I cant thank you enough Hans!

much respect and love

from hans –
thank you thijs, I am very happy about that.
and I felt old anyway ( once in a while )…

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