regents park

25 08 2009

going back to the sixties – here are a few recreated pan backgrounds from the opening of disney’s 1961 released 101 DALMATIANS.

101 D 1003a

101 D 1009a

101 D 1015a

101 D 1018a

101 D 1019a

© disney enterprises, inc




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25 08 2009
Ignacio Ochoa

A unique style, and a marvelous palette of colors. The rooms inside the house feels really warm and family. Thanks by recreating this art pieces.

25 08 2009

There’s something comforting in the messy layout in the room, especially the negative spaces.


25 08 2009

One of my favorite!:o)

25 08 2009

Thanks for these. Love looking at the Dalmations backgrounds. These are fine examples of controlled chaos

25 08 2009
Floyd Norman

I was lucky enough to be around when Ken Anderson, Tom Oreb and Walt Peregoy were designing this film. Truly beautiful stuff.

Walt Disney hated it, by the way.

25 08 2009

i read about that issue about Disney hating this film. He was always absent during meetings when it was about the dalmatians. But i forgot why he hated it.

i liked it though. it fits the designs of that era very well. and it looks timeless…since the retro look still works. and i just really love the sketchy feel of the whole film

26 08 2009

Would love to see if 3D could look this good.

from hans –
no need to try

26 08 2009

aww, style-wise, its still one of my favorites.

no question, creating things like this, with slight disorder, flat design shapes etcerera, is 2d terrain – id still like to see pixars take on something along those lines. i guess that there are a few nice things theyd come up with that look more interesting than standard rendered movie fare.

27 08 2009

thanks for always putting up great/inspirational stuff. it’s always fun to learn different styles!

22 05 2012

I would have to agree with most of the comments on here. His works are truly beautiful and timeless. They don’t make them now like they used too.

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