28 08 2009

elmer comp A

elmer comp BB

these two beautiful very long recreated pan backgrounds are from disney’s march 1936 SILLY SYMPHONY ELMER ELEPHANT. the BG-artists on LILO AND STITCH used especially the watercolor backgrounds from that short as a reference for their work.

© disney enterprises, inc




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28 08 2009
Zero Mojo

Hans, just a general question, did the incomparable Jim Flora directly inspire any animation projects or project design? Did he himself animate?

from hans –
not that I have ever heard of a film that was inspired by his work. would have been a bit of work with all the crisscross pen-technique. and I am sure he did not animate himself. there is a lot more amazing work that never inspired any animation, like celestino piatti, olaf gulbransson, karl arnold, dino battaglia and even regis loisel.

29 08 2009
zero mojo

Yes! Loisel’s Peter Pan is brilliant!
Are you a fan of Plessix or Hughes Labiano?

from hans –
it’s much better you send me e-mail with more detailed artist infos

30 08 2009
Zero Mojo

Hans, both are comic book artists, but I think you’d love their work. Animators, comics artists and children’s book artists all seem to be cut from the same illustrator cloth.
I don’t know if they’ve worked in animation. You’d know better than me. But if you like Loisel–and maybe Schuiten?–you’ll like these. Plessix did the Julien Boisvert graphic albums and the BEAUTIFUL Wind in the Willows adaptation. Labiano did a graphic album series called Dixie Road.

29 08 2009
Kendra Melton

Never a dull moment on this blog! I’m constantly flooded with beauty and inspiration. Thank you so much for you time and dedication to the arts and enjoyment of others. :]

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