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30 09 2009

following are a few xeroxed storyboard drawings DAAN JIPPES did for BALTO in 1993. daan used a black prismacolor pencil and the size of each drawing is about A5. they are not in order and not complete. his boards were of such high quality, all the characters absolutely on model, that they could have been used for a comic strip.





© amblimation/universal

kingdom 1

28 09 2009

I found some xeroxes of paintings JOHN WATKISS had done in the late nineties for THE EMPEROR’S NEW GROOVE, or – KINGDOM OF THE SUN – as it was called at that time. john painted them in the same size as the TARZAN pieces, approx. 80 x 40 cm, all acrylics. different from the more action loaded TARZAN jungle scenes he played here a lot with interesting compositions and light/shadows. there must be at least 30 or 40 of these paintings, hopefully in the archives.







© disney enterprises, inc


27 09 2009

these are the final screen captures of JIRI TRNKA’S 1950 puppet animation film PRINCE BAJAJA



trnka bayaya last web

© LUTKOVI film praha + jiri trnka

moments 7

26 09 2009

TURNER PICTURES released in 1992 a very well done documentary WHEN THE LION ROARS, the history of MGM. six hours on a three VHS tape set. the following mosaic with forgotten memories from the early days of filmmaking is my inspiration for the weekend.

forgotten mosaic 909 web

© TURNER pictures/MGM


24 09 2009

donald's crime 1

donald's crime 2

donald's crime 3

donald's crime 4

donald's crime 5

donald's crime 6

interesting backgrounds, aren’t they. would you have guessed they are part of a disney DONALD DUCK short? I recreated them from the 1945 released short DONALD’S CRIME. directed by JACK KING, layout ERNEST NORDLI and backgrounds MERLE COX. it is a nightmare sequence similar to the much later UPA masterpiece THE TELL TALE HEART and influenced by german expressionistic films, like CABINET OF DR.CALIGARI. very unusual for a disney short.
D.crime title

© disney enterprises, inc


23 09 2009

HEROIC TIMES, or the original title ‘Daliás idök’ in hungarian language, was released in 1984. the 79 min masterpiece was directed and animated by JOZSEF GEMES, produced by hungarian studio PANNONIA FILM. GEMES had help only from a few artists, among them russian animator and filmmaker ALEXANDER PETROV. the production took five years, everything was painted on glass and modified or destroyed for the next frame. some scenes were extremely complex, several layered glass-levels were used for these complicated parts. the film won numerous awards in animation festivals. like usual with good films it is not available anywhere. I have a decent quality copy from the late eighties when it was shown on german tv. following some screen captures.

heroic times7

heroic times8

heroic times9

heroic times10

© pannonia film/jozsef gemes


22 09 2009

JOHANNES VERMEER, 1632 – 1675, is today considered as one of the greatest painters of the DUTCH GOLDEN AGE. that was not so during his lifetime, maybe because he only created a relatively small amount of paintings. he is best known for his masterly treatment and use of light, and for a special color, he used in most of his work – the VERMEER GREEN. DELFT in the netherlands, where vermeer lived, was at that time the center of optical experimentation and lens-making, what suggests that vermeer used a CAMERA OBSCURA in composing his pictures and handling colors and values. his portrayed figures are perfectly embedded in their environment, the atmosphere is peaceful and has a mysterious feel.

one of vermeer’s most well known paintings is THE GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING. the film with the same title, released 2003, is one of my favorites. directed by PETER WEBBER, art direction BEN VAN OS, costume design DIEN VAN STRAALEN and – cinematography EDUARDO SERRA. eduardo serra was the cinematographer of the 1997 WINGS OF THE DOVE as well. the visuals in the vermeer film are stunning, the whole film looks like vermeer’s painting come alive.
I combined some scenes of the film with a few of vermeer’s paintings to show you, how well films can be done completely without tons of special effects.

pearl 1

pearl 2

pearl 3
pearl 4

© archer street productions

The Hidden History of Oz

Long before Dorothy came to Oz, Glinda and the Wizard changed everything.

Ellen Li

Illustration & Design is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

The Hidden History of Oz

Long before Dorothy came to Oz, Glinda and the Wizard changed everything.

Ellen Li

Illustration & Design is the best place for your personal blog or business site.