three hundred

3 09 2009


this is post nr.300. I started the new ‘blog-adventure’ about a year ago, sept.2008. now it is 335.512 visitors in total, about 900 to 2.000 per day, 1.090 comments and 280 links later. something about my posts – it is not all about ‘animation treasures’ what the blog-title suggests. there is a lot about neighboring art, a lot of personal memories in photos and artwork, and a lot of stuff that I like, just me. maybe I concentrate a bit too much on disney animation. it might be the fact that I worked there for so many years. but on the other side, looking around for comparable top quality artwork somewhere else – it’s hard to find. and I keep looking. I try to be objective, even with cg. the product on the market doesn’t make that easy. looking at all the information around I am learning every day, every minute. and it is still fun! for now I am going for the next 300 posts. thank you all for joining me…

comm.comp 90s



6 responses

3 09 2009
Joshua Vaughan

First off, as someone who has purchased your book, Dream Worlds, which I absolutely treasure, and been following through countless other blogs (you were very naughty on blogger), I would like to give you a big congratulations. It has been an absolute pleasure getting follow you on and see this work. It’s hard to articulate just a what a wonderful thing it is. It’s okay if you focused on the mouse a bit too much, there are enough haters. Quality persists, and truthfully you can never have too much of it, thanks for digging though.

3 09 2009

Congrats on 300 posts and especially your number of visitors. Thank you for allowing us to share in your thoughts and memories. It’s been fun and I lool forward to the next 300

3 09 2009

Altough I have been following your blog in a daily basis for I while this is my first post here. The 300 post milestone sound like a very good moment for giving thanks to you for your generosity sharing all that great stuff as well as your knowdledge and memories.
I am looking forward to those next three hundred post and…many more 🙂
Thank you very much indeed!

3 09 2009

It’s a fantastic blog Hans, a daily dose of inspiration. Please keep on posting!
Best wishes,

3 09 2009
Jerry Mascho

Congrats, and thank you for this blog! It’s a huge resource for myself and has introduced me to so many artists and work that I wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.

8 09 2009

Your blog delivers poetry and beauty and is a real pleasure to follow, thanks!

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