6 09 2009

just found that very old german movie program I treasured for so many years, memories of how it all started.

disney released 101 DALMATIANS feb.1961. I saw it in summer 1962 when I was 13 years old, in a very small provincial movie theatre in southern germany. in those days, in germany, there was only one book about animation available, the art of walt disney. too expensive for my parents. I went nearly every day to the bookstore where it was displayed, got it finally many years later. there was nothing on TV, except some amateurish looking german tv-animation. no video yet, you could buy some short very expensive disney clips on 8mm. what really bothered me though, no other kid in my neighborhood had that same funny interest, animation. I thought I was an outsider because I wanted to see ‘kids’ – stuff in the movies and was drawing all the time.

101 D 1038a

101 D 1037a

anyway, coming back to 101 DALMATIANS, there was a display window outside that movietheatre next to the train station where I took the train ( still steam-engines, beautiful – and stinky ) to the close city, where my school was. every day, for the time they showed the film, I was in front of that window and copied on my schoolpaper the main characters shown on these beautiful black/white publicity photographs. a camera would have been easier, unfortunately nobody ever bought me one. at home I did ‘clean-up’ drawings of those rough sketches. still have’em. horrible. but that’s how it started. when I saw that film, I knew what I wanted to do later, when I was older. I had no idea where to start. the dream was more important.

101 dal 2222

much later I learned more about this film, about the artists who worked on it. and I was lucky to even get to know some of them. here is some of their work – KEN ANDERSON’S and DON GRIFFITH’S architectural sketches and floorplans, as well as WALT PEREGOY’S amazing color keys.

101 lay 1

101 lay 2a

peregoy 101-a

© disney enterprises, inc




4 responses

7 09 2009

Great post, Hans – yes, you must have the dream, the desire, first, for anything to happen…

8 09 2009
BJ Crawford

I love that story.

The limited amount of artwork available at that time for you to study from, is so different from today. Now you have access to rough drawings, DVDs, model sheets, books and rough animation tests. But it really proves that you can have all of that artwork at your fingertips, but you still need the desire to learn from it dream to apply it.


11 09 2009

This is great! lol My wife and I were just in Regents Park on our last day in London! I’m guessing that’s the one they’re referencing? The layouts are amazing!

17 09 2009
peter moehrle

Hi Hans,
Love all your posts!

I have also been pulling things from your site to use in teaching my vis-dev
classes at Digipen…and also give you credit.
All the best,

P Moehrle

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