10 09 2009

WARNER BROTHERS released on april 21, 1945, HARE TRIGGER, one of my favorite WB-shorts. directed by FRIZ FRELENG it featured BUGS BUNNY and YOSEMITE SAM. as you can see in the credits the BG’s were painted by a master – PAUL JULIAN. below is a recreated long pan from the film.

WB hare tr web

WB hare trigger pan web





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10 09 2009

Love the pan, wonderful subtle palette.
Thanks for posting Hans.
Colin Stimpson.

10 09 2009

At first glance, I thought the background was real. A panoramic photograph. It was when you mentioned that it was PAINTED. Amazing. He really knows what he’s doing.

I do have a certain love for the old shorts of WB and Disney. There’s something about them that is more magical and enticing to watch than the stuff we have coming up these days. Too bad I don’t exactly see shorts like these anymore.

11 09 2009

Unfortunately Friz often seems to be overshadowed in the public eye by Chuck, despite Friz’s shorts being fantastic. They also feature the wonderful layouts of Hawley Pratt who I never see enough of, Paul Julian’s beautiful Backgrounds (thanks for sharing this one with us), and a great team of animators.

11 09 2009
William Wray

I met Julian as a teen at a life drawing class and didn’t know who he was. Makes me sick now as he’s about my favorite BG guy from Warners.

11 09 2009

That’s a great one!
Where do you find the time….?
have been pulling things from your site to use in teaching my layout classes at Sheridan…hope you don’t mind. But i always give you credit..ALWAYS!


from hans –
hi scott, as long as they get better using the stuff…

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