20 09 2009

some more recreated backgrounds and corresponding layouts from disney’s 1961 101 DALMATIANS

1 101Dal044pan

2 101 dalm.pan1

3 101 dalm.pan1mix

4 101Dal0022pan

5 101 dalm.pan2


7 101Dal056

© disney enterprises, inc




6 responses

20 09 2009

really beautiful – love the process.

20 09 2009
Michael Sporn

Your detailed breakdown of these backgrounds is wonderful. Thanks for all the time you’ve put into this. The backgrounds for this film are among my favorite pieces done in animation. There’s sort of a deceptive simplicity to the appearance that makes them work so well on film and work so well with the xeroxed rough-lined characters.

21 09 2009

Great to see the separate elements. Thanks for posting these Hans.

21 09 2009

Hans. So cool to see the layout on these. A rare treat. Thanks for posting.

23 09 2009

Thanks for posting these. I really love the design of the film I love how you get to see the pencil work. Just plain and simple GOOD.

24 09 2009
jung etienne

Many things to learn only by watching these masterpieces.Thanks!

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