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21 09 2009

this is the start of a new series – POSTERS. I found so many posters in my drawers, especially from HEINZ EDELMANN. he did them end of the seventies/beginning of the eighties for a german broadcast station, WDR. I produced a lot of children program for them at that time and they offered me all the posters edelmann had created.









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24 09 2009

Found some more:

Somebody should start an Edelmann blog. I’d like to see as much as possible of his work. Book illustrations and all the illustrations he did for the FAZ magazine for example.

A huge book would be even better.

from hans –
hallo holger. thanks for the great links. there is actually a nice book about his work, I got it some years ago –
DIRECT ACCESS, 165 ideas and 55 posters for the WDR
sept.1993, verlag hermann schmidt mainz, ISBN 3-87439-273-2

30 09 2009

Danke fuer den Tip Hans! Ich hab’s gerade in Deutschland bestellt.

7 10 2009

Generally I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so, Excellent post! 🙂

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