nome alaska

30 09 2009

following are a few xeroxed storyboard drawings DAAN JIPPES did for BALTO in 1993. daan used a black prismacolor pencil and the size of each drawing is about A5. they are not in order and not complete. his boards were of such high quality, all the characters absolutely on model, that they could have been used for a comic strip.





© amblimation/universal




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30 09 2009

Wow, these are great. Thanks for sharing Hans.

This semester Daan is helping me out with my internship. (probably the best mentor any animation student who wants to become a storyboard artist could wish for.)

I have been asking him about his storyboards but I so far I hadn’t seen any. The quality of these is amazing! He really is such a superior draftsman. Do you have more???

from hans –
please say hi to daan. yes I have more and will post them in a while

30 09 2009

I always love seeing storyboards, thank you for sharing these, and for this interesting blog in general!

30 09 2009

Stunningly awful and ugly film, but these boards are terrific.

2 10 2009

It’s not a great film overall, but I wouldn’t call it awful and certainly not ugly. Why do you think it is ugly ?

3 10 2009
patrick mate

I’m so glad you show those drawings,I always been a huge fan o Daan ‘s work.
Thank you Hans for sharing all these images with us .

13 10 2009
Nancy Beiman

I always thought Balto had the strongest story of all the Amblimation films. I love this, Hans, but isn’t a Prismacolor just a pencil? I wasn’t aware they made pens…

from hans –
you are right nancy, corrected the pencil already…

11 07 2011
Chris Sobieniak

I had to sell one of these storyboard panels on eBay a while back. But they were extremely well made!

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